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The guide to preparing your horse for his photo session

Preparing a horse for a photo shoot is crucial to achieving the stunning and unforgettable results you expect. In this blog post, I'll walk you through the steps to make your four-legged friend shine during the session.

Care and hygiene

The first step in preparing your horse for a photo shoot is impeccable care. A well-groomed horse not only looks beautiful, but also feels comfortable and safe during the shoot.

Exercise and release energy

Only you know your horse and what you want from your session with him. A calm and composed horse will be easier to pose next to you during a portrait session. In this case, plan to give him the opportunity to burn off his excess energy through exercise or participation before our session together. A short lungeing session or light riding can help your horse focus and be more cooperative during the shoot.

If we have planned a session of your horse in freedom and in action and you would like photos of him or in action with a more expressive and “wild” look, it may be better not to overdo it. Ask before our session so that he can express his passion during our session.

Introduction to the equipment (only in the studio)

To avoid unexpected surprises during your photo session in the studio, familiarize your horse with the photo equipment beforehand. Let them see the camera, tripods and other equipment to reduce any possible nervousness. The clicks and bright lights of lightning can be frightening to a horse, so use this time to gradually desensitize him to these sounds.

Beautify your horse with accessories

I always carry my photographic holsters with me (which are easy to erase in Photoshop to create a “freedom” look). Depending on the theme or purpose of the photo shoot, you may want to accessorize your horse with ribbons, a flower garland, or a nice, well-greased bridle. Make sure all decorations and accessories are safe, non-toxic and will not cause discomfort to the horse.

Get ready

If you want to pose with your horse, I invite you to anticipate your beauty and the outfit you will wear for the occasion. Careful make-up and professionally styled hair make the difference for optimal results. Choose a pretty long dress or a formal evening outfit for a romantic and sophisticated look.

Location selection

Before your session, we will discuss by phone which location is best for your photo session. We select a location that enhances the beauty of your horse and fits the desired theme of the photo shoot. Whether it's a lush field, a sandy beach, or a picturesque stable, the right location can enhance the overall visual impact of images.


Don't think stupidly...

Here you will find a short summary of the things you should not forget about the location of our joint photo shoot:

  • Cleaning cloths

  • If necessary, use a soft brush for dusting

  • A (long) leash to guide your horse around you and photograph him in motion

  • A stick, a stick to activate it

  • Sweets to reward him or get his attention

  • A small plastic bag to attach to the stick

I will lend you a photo halter on site if you would like photos of your horse in “freedom”. It will then be deleted during retouching in Photoshop.



Preparing your horse for a photo shoot is a labor of love that results in timeless and breathtaking images. With proper care, grooming and familiarization with the process, your horse will feel relaxed and confident during the shoot. Remember to prioritize the well-being and comfort of your equine companion throughout the entire process. With a little preparation and patience, all the elements will come together to capture the essence of your horse's elegance and create lasting memories that you will treasure for years to come.

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