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Pregnancy photo session

Trained by Aurelie Périllou, in Paris


Maternity Photographer Fashion & Artistic

Pregnancy photo shoot • Photo Milk bath

Are you pregnant and would you like to have pretty pregnancy photos, taken during a maternity session in the studio, or in a natural setting, which will leave an immutable trace of this special period of your life?

Welcome to my Home Photo Studio Ipsach, located 5 minutes from Biel with the BTI of Bienne!


During the session, I draw inspiration from your personality, guide you and invite you little by little to dare more... I observe the features of your face, the shapes of your silhouette, your attitudes in order to help you pose in positions that enhance you and reveal your beauty.

Each of my sessions begins with FASHION portraits, then we invite your partner to join you for a few COUPLES shots and we finish with ARTISTIC photos.

I give you access to my dressing room, made up of magnificent designer dresses and offer you fashion outfits, 100% pure silk sheers, tulles, flower crowns, halos and other accessories to highlight you. I will be able to listen to realize your desires, in accordance with my photographic style. 

When to book

Your pregnancy session is ideally done in your 7th month of pregnancy.

Contact me at least 2 months in advance to ensure a place in my diary (i.e. before your 5th month of pregnancy).


Maternity Milk Bath Session

I also offer gentle "pregnancy milk bath" sessions at my home, at Home Studio Ipsach (5 minutes from Bienne), allowing the mother-to-be to relax in a real bath of milky and flowery sweetness, while I prepare her pretty photos of this peaceful period of her motherhood.

Portfolio Grosesse

Maternity Portfolio

Bye bye little hassles

You have gained weight, stretch marks have appeared, you don't really recognize yourself in this late pregnancy body? It's normal, trust me to help you forget all that!

I will be able to advise you on how to pose in positions that refine or make you taller, play on the shadows and lights to draw the eye to the right place or even hide/attenuate the elements that complicate you when posing or editing. 

The mission that is close to my heart: to enhance you while giving you a pleasant, fun and memorable time!

The dressing

I offer you a wide choice of dresses and curtains that I renew regularly so that your photos remain unique and give you complete satisfaction. 

At the start of the session, we look together at the outfits and accessories that you have brought, and I show you the outfits available so that we can make our selection together.


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