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The value of quality or how to understand the price of my photography sessions

Choosing the photographer who suits you and investing in a photo session is both a personal and financial decision. I spent a lot of time calculating my costs, and working on my value proposition to offer you a coherent and differentiating offer. Indeed, a photography studio is not limited to a little lady with a pretty camera, it is a real business with many management costs, very high costs linked to equipment and continuing training, etc. I am committed to building a lasting activity, to immortalize the major stages of your life: the arrival of your siblings, your children growing up over several generations... My prices reflect the quality, expertise and experience that I bring to each session. In this blog post, I detail my costs and explain why the prices for my studio photoshoots are not just a cost, but an investment in precious, long-term memories.

1. Expertise and experience

When you book a photo shoot with me, you're not just paying for the final images, you're investing in the expertise and experience I offer you. Since the launch of my activity I have trained with the best international photographers (Aurelie Perillou, Verene Sutter, Emilie Zangarelli, Marta Ponsko and many others...) to always learn more, whether in relation to the experience that I offer you, keep up to date with the most advanced techniques, or boost my creativity... My years of experience and my in-depth knowledge of photography techniques, posing, lighting and composition allow me to feel comfortable in front of the camera, which results in memorable, creative photos.

I also continually train on the latest retouching techniques, now integrating artificial intelligence to offer you even more.

2. High quality equipment

Behind every great photo is high-quality equipment. I regularly invest in the latest cameras, lenses and lighting equipment to ensure your images are of the highest quality. My equipment allows me to capture every detail and create images that stand the test of time.

I have numerous paper and vinyl backgrounds that allow me to offer you a wide variety of styles and decors during your sessions.

I also open the doors to my large dressing room, suitable for all body types, and advise you on the outfits that best flatter you. From fashionable outfits to designer dresses, including 100% pure silk sheers and little outfits for your children... I offer you a very wide choice of clothes and accessories.

3. A personalized service

I believe in the importance of getting to know my customers, their preferences and their unique stories. My personalized service ensures that your photo shoot is tailored to your individual needs. I take the time to understand your vision, your style and any specific requests you may have, to ensure your images reflect your personality and story.

4. Attention to detail

My commitment to delivering the best results is evident in my attention to detail. From the choice of location, settings and props to the careful selection of poses and post-processing, I leave no stone unturned to ensure your photos are impeccable. The editing and retouching process further enhances the beauty of your images.

5. Time and effort

A successful photo shoot requires time and effort, both behind the scenes and during the shoot itself. I carefully plan each session, including communicating with you by email or telephone, scouting locations, setting up equipment and ensuring that everything goes smoothly on the day of the session.

The post-session phase is just as demanding, with hours dedicated to selection, sending your selection gallery online, accompanied by a personalized email, then editing the best shots for create a remarkable final product.

6. Unforgettable memories

Your investment in a photo session with me goes beyond the session itself. It's an investment in lasting memories. The images I create will be treasured memories of a special moment in your life. They will capture the love, joy and beauty that you can look back on and share for years to come.

7. Quality products

I also take into account the quality of the media I offer. From prints to albums to digital files, I have spent a lot of time evaluating and selecting the best printers and I check each product carefully, before packaging it and surprising you when it is sent. I ensure that everything you receive is of the highest quality, ensuring that your investment is worth it.

8. High fixed costs

As a professional photographer, I incur fixed costs that allow me to provide the best possible experience. These costs include expensive customer relationship management (CRM) software, to effectively manage our interactions together, powerful editing software for post-processing to ensure your images are perfect (Adobe Creative Suite) , full insurance to protect you and me during our sessions, rent for a studio where we can create beautiful images, etc.

Added to this are marketing efforts, including paid campaigns on Google or social networks, which help me connect with potential customers like you. I also use paid applications such as Rapidely, Mojo or Later to create and plan my reels, stories and posts... the only way to be visible and effective on Instagram.

All of these investments, both in cost and time, are made to ensure that your photography experience is nothing short of exceptional. When you choose my services, you are investing in a photographer who dedicates her expertise, equipment and countless hours to capturing the moments that matter most to you.

I understand that price is an important consideration, but it is equally crucial to recognize the value that comes with it. The prices for my studio photoshoots reflect the commitment I have made to providing you with the best possible photographic experience and timeless, beautiful images.

Investing in a photo shoot is investing in yourself, in your loved ones and in the memories you create. It's not just a cost, but quality time to spend for yourself and/or your loved ones, and a commitment to capturing moments that matter. I'm here to make sure this commitment is worth it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. The mission that is close to my heart is to offer you exceptional photographs and unforgettable memories.

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