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Welcome to the Studio

Maureen Flieller Photography is a Home Photography Studio specializing in pregnancy and birth photography, but not only that... we love to accompany you and capture all the beautiful moments of your life!
Meet in Ipsach, between lake, fields and forests, right next to the town of Bienne (canton of Bern) and the Jura mountains.


A few words about the photographer...

My name is Maureen. I'm in my thirties...

I love life and I am committed to living it to the fullest, surrounded by my little family, my friends and all the beautiful people I have the opportunity to meet along the way.

After studying business in Lyon, France, enriched with internships and study semesters in the United States, Australia, Canada and England, I worked in communications and marketing for a large international group for more than 10 years, in Paris, then in Switzerland.

The arrival of my son caused a questioning of the meaning I wanted to give to my life and this is how I decided to devote part of my weeks to my passion: the enhancement of women through photography. I have maintained this passion for more than 20 years, which has allowed me to train and improve myself to offer you the quality of service that I am capable of today.

Creative and perfectionist, I like to provide you with unique, professional, touching photos, which you are proud to show around you because they reveal your essence, your natural beauty, your sensitivity.


The Home Studio

Since 2021, I welcome you to myHome Studio, at my home, in Ipsach (a few minutes from Bienne), for gentle, intimate, fun and creative, professional or family sessions. The space is specially designed for pregnant women, newborns, babies but also for older children. And being in my home means you have a variety of rooms and decor.

I have installed different backgrounds and offer you a whole range of accessories, decors and outfits that I renew regularly. I like them to be contemporary and reflect my current state of mind.

I want you to feel at home there. Whether you are comfortable expressing your most beautiful emotions, alone or with your family.

My training


Photography is a field that is constantly evolving and I therefore train regularly to stimulate my creativity and learn new techniques. I trained in the use of Photoshop in 2015 and have used it on a daily basis since, as well as Lightroom which allows me to develop and sort your photos. 

In 2022, I perfected myself alongside the talentedAurelie Perillou thanks to trainingPregnancyOne-to-Two two wonderful days in her studio, in the Paris region (France), to offer you more “fashionable” maternity sessions.

And I also moved to Lorraine (France) to train with Verene Sutter, specialized in the development of dogs of all breeds.

In 2021, I subscribed to Empara's professional online courses. I took classes therePregnancy PhotographyofAurelie PerillouWith whom I learned a lot about posing, highlighting women, managing light, and studio photography. I'm completely crazy about his work!

I also loved the courseSamuel Bouget, popular photographer for theportrait photoat the moment, from whom I learned how to better perform my skin retouching, manage colorimetric retouching and add texture to my backgrounds.

I got a lot of inspiration from the lessonsEmilie Zangarelli, to equip and organize my home studio and I apply his posing advice in my sessions“Mom & Me” And"Children".

Finally, I participated in the courseAlice Prenat on the Corporate photography to learn new techniques to enhance your corporate portraits.

In 2019, I went to do a workshopEquine Photo in Essaouira (Morocco) with the talentedCéline Bissat -

In 2019, I learned a lot aboutNewborn Photography, thanks to online courses from Kelly Brown

My specialty: women

pregnant or surrounded by her tribe

I had the chance to become the mother of a little love in 2020 and it really clicked at that moment. This made me want to specialize in pregnancy, newborn and family photography; and to embark on new training to improve myself and offer you even better services. I am committed to offering you emotional, gentle and artistic photographs.


©Jessica Amber

My services


I offer my services for all types of photographic services, from capturing your life moments and those of your loved ones, to corporate photography, including equine photography and your pets, and during your big events.


I invite you to try the experience of a photo session, alone or with your loved ones, as a couple or with your children, or even with your favorite animal. I will remain attentive to any idea and any project, and will be there to advise you, from ordering the session to its realization and post-processing.

Rider and passionate about animals, I like to immortalize these moments of happiness that they can offer us and this incredible bond that binds us to them. I can therefore offer you photogenic outdoor locations near the studio, or even meet you at your stable or in a place that is dear to you. 

Located in Ipsach, 5 minutes from the town of Bienne (canton of Bern, Switzerland), I travel within a 50 km radius, so do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project.


Canon Eos R5

Canon Eos 6D

The photographer with camera
My boxes

Full frame

2 Canon Eos R5 bodies

Canon Eos 6D

Light Night Lens Shadow
My optics

Full frame

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM

Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM

Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM

Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II IS USM

Canon EF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8L STM

Photo Studio Lights
My flashes


Elinchrom ELC 500

Elinchrom RX One

Softboxes of different sizes

My equipment


I renewed most of my equipment and invested in Elinchrom flashes and studio backdrops in 2021.

So I now work with the following professional equipment:

(hover your mouse over each image to find out)

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