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Photo shoot
with Baby


Newborn photo / Birth session

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Because they grow up too quickly and we want to remember their birth, each stage of their birth, then their childhood... newborn and child photography is the ideal way to preserve these memories.

Would you like to immortalize the first moments of life of your peacefully sleeping newborn? Your little one is celebrating his/her 1st birthday and you would like some nice photos in a pretty setting? Do you want to immortalize his reaction to his first birthday cake? Would you like to keep a good memory of your breastfeeding or your first bottles by organizing a “milk bath” session? Do you just want pretty portraits? 

Contact me and I will be happy to do everything to highlight you or capture the attention of your little one, put together pretty, cozy and ingenious decorations, make them smile and capture their adorable face!!

I have lots of accessories in the photo studio (maternity gowns, veils, baby clothes, wraps, sitters, containers and other baby props...) that I will be happy to put at your disposal to make you look great!

Portfolio Bébé

Baby & Newborn Portfolio


“I put a whole bunch of accessories at your disposal to personalize your sessions with your children.”


“Choose from around ten headbands, 8 bean bag bachgrounds and another ten wraps to swaddle your babies.”

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