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 Summer Alpina

Photo hike in Valais


Saturday June 29, 2024

Upper Val de Bagnes | VALAIS


Want to hike and take part in an exceptional photo shoot with your horse, in a sublime setting between a high-altitude lake and dizzying Alpine peaks?

Appointment onSaturday June 29 at 9:30 a.m. departing from the Bagnes valley, for a memorable 2-hour horseback ride, supervised by Christine Maret, in an idyllic setting.  


After a hearty breakfast to get to know each other and chat a little, we will set off for two beautiful hours of easy hiking towards the summit. The opportunity for you to discover the sublime landscape that surrounds you, to the rhythm of your horse's footsteps.


A fountain and small parks will await your horses at the summit to offer them a well-deserved rest, while you can peacefully enjoy brunch. Once satisfied, you can take the time to brush and prepare your horse and give yourself a makeover so that you are both ready for the shoot. 

A car will be able to take your blankets, halters, grooming equipment, spare clothes and other equipment to the summit.

Return to the vans individually after your session, or in groups at nightfall (bring the necessary equipment to see and be seen at night). 

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A look back at the first edition of the Summer Alpina, a photo hike in Valais.



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