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Dogs, Horses & Co.

Photo session of Dog • Horse • Cat • NAC

Wildlife photographer trained by Martine de Leeuw (Bellavie PhotoArt), Verene Sutter &Celine Bissat (PetBook)​

Studio or outdoor photography

Do you want to have pretty artistic photos of your animals, taken by a professional photographer?

Treat yourself to a session with a canine and equine photographer specializing in artistic photography of dogs, cats, horses or NAQs. Leave with stars in your eyes for years to come, and experience a precious moment of sharing with your companion. 

Passionate about animals and a rider for over 25 years, I know how to highlight them. During the photo shoot, I will use my tips and tricks to bring out their expressions. Whether it is your dog, cat, horse or any other pet, I will do everything to enhance it, in the decor that we have chosen together.

In an urban or rural setting, I have lots of ideas for places to offer you, or I will be happy to join you at your home.

I will find the best poses and backgrounds to best capture your companion's expressions and this unique relationship between you.

These memories will stay in your heart forever and you will be proud to share these images with your loved ones. 

Before the session, I will give you all the advice to prepare yourself as well as possible and arrive at ease for our appointment.


During the session, I will take the time to explain the process to you and to talk with you and your animal. I will guide you to position him in the best place and ask you to attract his attention using different techniques. Remember to take candy or toys that he knows, because this could prove useful, you'll see!


After the session, I will send you an online selection gallery, where you will find the best photos from your session. Then I will retouch them within 8 weeks (excluding holidays and public holidays) once your selection is finalized and sent. 

Discover my tips for preparing your session with your pet.

Discover an example of artistic retouching

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