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Terms & Conditions

1. Booking a photo session

A reservation can be made via the online reservation form, by email, telephone, Facebook/Instagram or SMS/WhatsApp.

A reservation can be made at any time depending on availability of Maureen Flieller Photography.


2. Progress of the session

On the day of the session, please come at the time chosen together, any delay will be deducted from the scheduled session time or may result in the session being postponed depending on the availability of the photographer.

Only people participating in the session can attend. 

It is prohibited to take photos with a camera, phone or tablet during the session unless approved by the photographer.

Sessions take place in the studio or outdoors depending on the client's choice. A mix of the two is possible depending on conditions and additional costs.

3. Price and payment

Prices are those valid when making an appointment and communicated via the pageRate from

Payment must be made in cash on the day of the session or in advance by bank transfer or Twint. If payment is not received during the appointment, you will have to pay in cash.

No refunds will be given.

4. Selection of photographs

The best photos taken during the session will be sent to the client within 24 hours following this session, via an online selection gallery, secured by username and password. An email will be sent to you by Maureen Flieller Photography to send you the link and access codes to this gallery. Files are raw, unretouched. The client will be able to select their images within 30 days and will communicate their selection to the photographer by return email, making sure to do so.include List url Selection. The countdown will then begin: Maureen Flieller Photography will begin the retouching work and deliver the final work within a maximum of 8 weeks (excluding holidays and public holidays).


5. Submission of photographs

The photographs are provided in JPEG format, other file formats are the property of the photographer and will under no circumstances be given to the client. The photographer chooses the photos that will be given to the client. The photographer accepts no responsibility in the event of loss or damage to digital files given to the client. Digital files are kept for 6 months by the photographer. If the clients' choice has not been made within 30 days following delivery of the selection of photos, the photographer will be entitled to retouch and deliver the photos of her choice, according to the chosen formula.

It is strictly forbidden to retouch photos taken from a shoot with the photographer yourself, as her work will no longer be the same after modification. The processing of photos, as well as the shooting, is specific to the photographer and is an integral part of her work, her style and her artistic universe. The photographer is the only one to decide on the treatment she will apply to the retouching. Only photographs processed by the photographer will be usable by both parties. No raw photos will be given to the client, cannot be demanded and the photographer reserves the right to destroy them within the time frame that suits her.

The delivery times mentioned are only indicative and may possibly be modified. The photographer cannot be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery or loss of packages on the part of the carrier. If a package is not received within the indicated time frame, an investigation is carried out with the carrier and may take several days (e.g. 21 days at the Post Office). During this period, no refunds or returns can be made. When sending the link with your chosen photos, a link with the signed photos will be given to you. It is IMPERATIVELY necessary to use the photos with the logo on the internet, notably FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM, and to write in the caption “Photos taken by Maureen Flieller Photography”.

6. Transfer of rights and Image rights

The client signing the image rights transfer form authorizes Maureen Flieller Photography to use the images taken during her session for internal and external communication, on any medium including participation in photography competitions, for a period of 10 years and all over the world.


7. Photographic style

The client is free to choose to come to the studio of Maureen Flieller Photography and requests her services with full knowledge of her artistic style.

Maureen Flieller Photography ensures that she uses her knowledge and personal artistic judgment to create images consistent with her personal vision of the event. Clients accept that this vision may be different from theirs.

Consequently, clients recognize that photographs are not subject to rejection based on individual tastes or aesthetic criteria.

8. Cancellation of the session

At the customer's initiative - Any cancellation by the customer less than 24 hours in advance is due.

At the initiative of the photographer - A cancellation on the part of the photographer can neither engage the responsibility of the photographer nor give rise to the payment of damages.

If it is a wedding service, the photographer undertakes to do everything possible to find a replacement.


9. Reimbursement

No request for refund of deposit will be accepted for any reason.

The photographer cannot be held responsible for external events such as political, social, transport, economic or public health strikes or other events beyond its control (force majeure), payments made will not be refunded.

10. Gift Voucher

The customer can request a gift voucher at any time.

Maureen Flieller Photography enters the type of session chosen or the amount, depending on the client's wishes.

Gift vouchers can be paid by transfer, Paypal, Twint or cash when ordering. The recipients of the gift voucher will have one year to carry out the photo shoot (except limited gift vouchers). Gift vouchers are neither exchangeable nor refundable. If you receive a gift voucher, we set a date and you wish to cancel the session: no refund will be required. A period of 10 days after receipt of payment will be necessary for the sending of gift vouchers. The voucher will be requested during the session under penalty of cancellation of the session.

11. Conservation of photographs

Maureen Flieller Photography undertakes (barring a catastrophe beyond its control such as a damaged hard drive, etc.) to keep the photographs for a period of 6 months after the photo was taken. Beyond that, files may be destroyed.

The customer can request within this period a copy of the files concerning him for a fee of CHF 20.- to be paid in advance to his bank account.

12. Personal items

Maureen Flieller Photography is not responsible for any loss or breakage of an item belonging to one of its clients.


These conditions are valid from the date indicated and may be modified at any time.

So done in Ipsach, March 30, 2021.

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