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Infos complémentaires

Durée d'une séance

La durée d’une séance peut varier entre 20 minutes et 2:30 heures selon les formules. Il est important de respecter l’horaire convenu : pas d’avance, ni de retard afin de m'aider à garantir un respect des règle sanitaires optimal. Merci.

Image de Kari Shea
Délai de traitement

Les photos vous seront envoyées par lien “WeTransfer” (fichiers à télécharger gratuitement uniquement d’un ordinateur), dans un délai de 8 SEMAINES et hors congés (excepté pour le traitement des évènements qui me prend plus de temps).  

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Shopping en ligne

Virement, Paypal, Twint. Pour la réservation de votre séance, un acompte vous sera demandé afin de valider et bloquer votre date de rdv. Cet acompte n'est pas remboursable. En cas d'annulation, la séance sera reprogrammée.

  • When is the best time for a newborn session?
    ​The ideal is between the 5th and 12th day of life because your baby sleeps a lot and appreciates being swaddled because the fetal position reassures him. He will be cooperative if you want photos of him sleeping in containers and cocooning positions.
  • What should I bring for my newborn photo session?
    Remember to take something to change him several times (pampers, wipes, possible creams...) and something to feed him (bottle, milk) as well as his nucky ( pacifier, pacifier, nipple) and clothing and accessories that you would like to photograph, if you wish. Everything else is available at the studio.
  • My baby has small spots and/or unsightly spots... can you reduce/remove them?
    All the photos I send you are carefully developed and retouched in Lightroom and Photoshop. All imperfections are erased, the skin is smoothed. So don't worry... these temporary imperfections will not be visible in the final result.
  • Where is Maureen Flieller Photography’s studio located?
    I welcome you to my studio, at home, located in Ipsach (5 minutes from Bienne). The address is Ipsachstrasse 9D, 2563 IPSACH.
  • How do I get to Maureen Flieller Photography’s studio?
    The studio is very easily accessible via the BTI which stops at the foot of the building - stop "Ipsach". You can also access it by car and park in the free visitor spaces indicated by a wooden sign "Seeland Residence - Max 3 hours", at the rear of the Hotel Schlössli.
  • What outfits or accessories should I bring for my session?
    When you made your reservation, you should have received an email from me to confirm your reservation (do not hesitate to check your spam if you cannot find it in your email box). In this email, I give you all the information to properly prepare for your session and all the things to take with you. > For “Professional Portrait” sessions Don't hesitate to bring several outfits in which you feel comfortable and which correspond to the codes of your sector of activity. Ideally a dressy outfit and a slightly more casual outfit. > For the "Pregnancy" or "Family" Read my dedicated blog article "Some Tips for a successful maternity session" > For the "Smash The Cake" Jeans and a bow tie or tie for little boys. A skirt or dress in pastel shades will look great on a little girl. I also provide outfits if you wish. ​ > For the "Mom's Milk Bath" I can provide you with a pretty white or burgundy lace maternity dress. Remember to bring flesh-colored underwear and I will take care of the flowers and foliage according to your tastes which we will discuss a few days before your session.
  • Can we recover the raw photos?
    No. If you have decided to trust me, it is because you like my photos and a raw photo does not reflect the work for which you chose me. This could cause bad publicity about the quality of my images. No exceptions will be made in this regard.
  • Is beauty treatment possible at your studio?
    YES!!! ...and it is even indispensable for optimal results! Jeanne offers you makeup and hairstyle done by a beauty professional, used to the studio, to the lights... she will know how to enhance you according to your desires - from the most natural to the most sophisticated - all you have to do is ask. This beauty treatment is strongly recommended and essential for optimal results. This is a unique experience. Jeanne will be there to pamper you and relax you in order to be more confident, ready to reveal all your beauty in your individuality during the shoot.Much more than just a beauty treatment, we offer you a cocooning moment just for you! Beauty treatment: from CHF 120.- More info
  • How will my best photos be selected?
    During the session I do not count the number of photos depending on the chosen formula. When the session is over, I sort and select the best shots. I will send you a gallery, protected by a password, where you will be able to choose your photos. Please note, the photos in the gallery are raw and not retouched. You must therefore imagine that the backgrounds will be extended and reworked, the imperfections hidden, and the colors harmonized. The retouching is carried out only on your choice which will be sent to me via this online gallery where you can mark with a heart the images you wish to purchase then inform me by email or sms/whats'app once your selection is complete. You will have the possibility, when sending your private gallery, to purchase additional photos at the price of CHF 30.- each. Discover my packs on my Rates page. ​ You have 30 days to make your selection. If this deadline is exceeded, the images will be selected by the photographer and retouched. You will not have the possibility to refuse this selection or request the replacement of these images.
  • How is the photo processing done?
    I decide how the photos are processed. Modification of the processing by a client is strictly prohibited because any modification would alter the rendering that I had imagined as a photographer. When sending the link with your chosen photos, a link with the signed photos will be given to you. You are IMPERATIVELY asked to use the photos with my logo for your personal sites and social networks (ie. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram...) and to write in the caption "Photo: © Maureen Flieller Photography".
  • When is the best time for a maternity session?
    The ideal is the 7th month: your belly is well rounded and you are still in control of your movements 😉
  • When to make an appointment for a maternity session?
    Do not hesitate to contact me from your fourth month of pregnancy, to ensure a place in my diary.
  • Are there any edits done on pregnancy photos?
    All my photos are retouched using Lightroom and Photoshop. The hassles of pregnancy (e.g. stretch marks), signs of fatigue and small skin imperfections will be carefully erased (unless you ask me to leave them). Shadows and lights are harmonized and reworked. Fabrics, background textures are sometimes also reworked... I spend the necessary time on each image to really give you a professional quality artistic photo.
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